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that me -_-
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Coffee is an acceptable dinner when it’s 11pm and you’re too sad to eat

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Ugh I am in Wuhan right now and the Chinese people keep trying to take me to KFC

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hA my mom thinks I’m an alcoholic it’s not my fault she always skypes me at tequila o’ clock

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bae: come over ;)

me: i cant im in music class

bae: im horny…



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i still dont quite get why they have high school students on tv played by like 30 year olds like sometimes its believable but other times its like this supposed 16 y/o is gonna need some viagra for his first time like damn

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why are so many people scared of insects?? dont waste my time with that mess be scared of crustaceans like god damn they are like giant fucking insects there is a crab that can grow to like 12 fucking feet be terrified people

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Piano music frustrates me so much because it looks exactly like it’s for harp but then 98% of it its impossible to play

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im talking with my dad and he’s expressing a bunch of stupid views which makes me mad because i always respected him *crying*

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Anonymous asked: How's university going? Any new harp videos?

is this my mom

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being a feminist is like trying to fix a giant hole in the wall and discovering that the entire wall is rotting and filled with termites and you have a lot more work to do than you thought you did

And also the termites verbally attack you while you fix the wall.


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sex negativity is such a pervasive problem i wanna cry

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"oh yeah i played that in middle school"

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when someone u dont like tries to give “knowing” advice on a piece ur workin on


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The comedic relief in Frozen is so deliberate it gives me the runs. Ugh. 


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